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Jonathan '24, Biomedical Engineering

My time at UC has shaped me into the person I am today, and your contribution is a crucial part of my journey.

Jonathan '24, Biomedical Engineering

Grace '26, Biomedical Engineering

Innovation is everywhere. If you get involved, you can play a big part in the exciting innovation going on at UC, which my scholarships have allowed me to do.

Grace '26, Biomedical Engineering

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Undergraduate scholarships that create pathways for students to gain unparalleled knowledge, hands-on skills and real-world training that only CEAS can provide.

Student-centered programs and initiatives that cultivate an inclusive pipeline for future industry leaders through increased access to advanced curriculum, financial assistance, mentorship opportunities and community spaces.

Graduate fellowships that attract top graduate students and faculty to CEAS as they continue their education and explore new frontiers of knowledge creation through next-level research.

Professorship and faculty support to recruit the best faculty across the nation, enable ongoing faculty development to continue to break academic and research barriers and provide the highest quality instruction to our students.